Procedure for transferring Employee services from Employer to Another through Qiwa


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Process for transferring Worker companies from Employer to One other by means of Qiwa in Saudi Arabia

The Qiwa platform of the Ministry of Human Sources and Social Growth of Saudi Arabia recognized the process and particulars of transferring worker companies from one employer to a different.

The Qiwa platform clarified on its web site that the service of transferring the companies of an worker from one employer to a different is an digital service and requires a personโ€™s approval of the request within the Qiwa. See Additionally : Jeddah to Makkah in 5 minutes by means of Hyperloop expertise
Steps for Transferring an worker from one employer to a different by means of Qiwa:
1. Log in to the corporate’s account.
2. Select an ‘Worker Switch’ service from the ‘Digital Providers’.
3. Select an ‘Worker switch service from one other employer’.

4. Choose the power you wish to switch the employee to.
5. Add the small print of the employees whose service you wish to switch to your organization.
6. Including an employment contract for every employee.
7. Submit the request. Suggest : Can employer capable of modify documented contract after importing it in Qiwa? HR Ministry response
– The request might be despatched to the worker Qiwa people, and the brand new employer should bear in mind the worker to enter the Qiwa Particular person portal to take the acceptance or rejection process inside 10 days from the date of the request, in accordance with the Qiwa platform.

Steps for Transferring the worker between the unified quantity institutions :
1. Sign up to the corporate’s account
2. Select an ‘worker switch’ service from the digital companies
3. Select an worker switch service between the unified quantity amenities
4. Select the power you wish to switch the employee to.
5. Select the employee to be transferred.
6. Add an employment contract for every employee.
7. Submission of the appliance. Learn : Validity interval for cancelling Huroob or Absent from Work report

The Qiwa platform additionally confirmed the eligibility necessities for institution to submit a request to switch companies as follows:
1. Validity of the business register.
2. The standing of the power have to be present.
3. Validity of labor licenses in all unified quantity institutions.
4. Obligation to guard wages. Most Seen : Most variety of extra time hours allowed for a employee to work in a yr in Saudi Arabia
5. All different entities underneath the consolidated quantity within the Inexperienced band no less than medium or inexperienced very small for small enterprises class A, aside from the present entity.
6. Availability of ample basis stability for the switch.

The worker’s companies may also be transferred straight when one of many following situations is met:
1. If the worker’s work allow shouldn’t be legitimate.
2. If the worker’s residence iqama shouldn’t be legitimate. Comply with Lifetime of Arabson Telegram
– On this case the brand new employer submitted the appliance to the worker after the expiry of the residency or work allow, and if the appliance was submitted earlier than that, the worker will enter the discover interval, in accordance with the Qiwa platform.

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