Saudi Arabia’s clarified Iqama issuance and renewal fee 2023


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Iqama issuance and renewal fees in 2023: If you are an expat in Saudi Arabia and want to renew your iqama or residence visa, please understand that this is not your responsibility; it is the responsibility of your sponsor or employer. So you can stay awake and anticipate what is going on. To renew your iqama, your employer must pay the iqama fee, work permit charge, and dependant fee (if you have dependents in Saudi Arabia). Your employer will only pay the iqama charge for your dependents.

Fee for Iqama issuance or renewal in Saudi Arabia in 2023:
The annual charge to issue or renew an Iqama is 650 Saudi Riyals, which may be paid in three equal payments.

Iqama fees range from 163 Riyals for three months to 325 Riyals for six months, 488 Riyals for nine months, and 650 Riyals for twelve months.
Maktal Amal Fee 2023 in Saudi Arabia or Work Permit
Your employer was required to pay the work permit or Maktab Amal charge at the time your Iqama was issued as part of the connection between the two documents. The monthly work permit charge is 800 riyals for businesses with fewer than 50% Saudi nationals, and it is 700 riyals for businesses with more than 50% Saudi nationals and it can be pay in installments.

For businesses where less than 50% of employees are Saudi nationals:

2,400 riyals for three months * 4,800 for six months * 7,200 for nine months * 9,600 for twelve months

For businesses with More than half of the workforce is Saudi nationality:
2.100 riyals for three months; 4.200 riyals for six months; and 6.300 riyals for nine months.8,400 riyals for a whole year
Saudi Arabia’s dependant fee for 2023 is 400 riyals per person per month if an expat has dependents living with him in the country. Additionally, it may be paid in instalments.

1,200 riyals dependent fee for each person for a period of three months. * 2,400 riyals dependent fee for each person for a period of six months. * 3,600 riyals dependent fee for each person for a period of nine months. Each person’s annual dependant fee is 4,800 riyals.
Cost of Health Insurance:

In addition to these expenses, your employer is also responsible for paying for your health insurance; otherwise, your iqama cannot be renewed or provided. The cost of your health insurance relies on the insurance provider you chose and the class you chose.

Saudi Arabia does not charge domestic employees for work permits:
Although domestic workers are exempt from work permit fees, Saudi employers must pay the corresponding cost if they employ more than four domestic workers, while foreign employers must pay the applicable fee if they employ more than two domestic workers.

Small Businesses in Saudi Arabia are Exempt: Up to March 2024, businesses with less than 9 employees, including a full-time Saudi national, are exempt from paying the fee for hiring up to two international workers. If the business additionally works with at least one other full-time Saudi employee in addition to

The exemption is now extended to four employees, including at least one more Saudi national.
Iqama (Residence Permit) issuance or renewal requirements for 2023 include: * Iqama fee * Work permit payment.

Any traffic fines incurred must be paid.
Valid health insurance is required, as well as the payment of the dependant fee for individuals who have dependents.


Penalty for failing to timely renew an Iqama in 2023:

  • Iqama needs to be renewed within three days of its expiration date; those who don’t have to pay a fine.
  • The first time was 500 riyals; the second time was 1,000 riyals.
  • Deportation of the expat employee in the event of a third offence.

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