How to Get Saudi Nationality or Citizenship(New rules)


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Professionals from all over the world can find rewarding work possibilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. According to the figures, Saudi Arabia is home to more than 13 million foreign employees. Expats aspire to get Saudi Arabian nationality after residing abroad for many years.

latest News on Saudi Arab Nationality
With reference to Saudi Arab citizenship, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made a few minor adjustments to Article 8. People must make recommendations to the Ministry of Interior, according to the Prime Minister and Crown Prince. The selected candidates would be given Saudi citizenship upon clearance by the Ministry of Interior.

Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining Saudi Citizenship or Nationality

Saudi Arabia offers you the chance to obtain nationality on several levels for various people. The procedure to obtain Saudi nationality or citizenship is outlined below.

Requirements for Saudi Citizenship
The list of prerequisites to obtain Saudi nationality or citizenship is shown below. These conditions must be met by the candidates.

On the basis of age, the candidate is qualified to apply for Saudi Arab nationality.
having a regular permanent residency in Saudi Arabia after five years of continuous residence there. This time frame is ten years for expatriates and professionals.
The candidate must be able to show legal documentation of his income.
The applicant should be normal, that is, healthy, and should have a history of good behavior.
He cannot commit any crimes or serve more than six months in jail.
Saudi Arabian nationality is granted for a variety of reasons, some of which are covered below.

By Birth Regardless of where they were born, children of Saudi fathers are eligible for citizenship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition, regardless of the country of their father, children born to Saudi mothers automatically acquire the Saudi nationality.

At the age of 18, children acquire permanent Saudi Arab resident status.
They either speak Arabic fluently or are native Arabic speakers.
possess good manners and behaviour.
They have no prior convictions and have never served more than six months in prison for a criminal offense or offensive behavior.
Foreigners who meet the following requirements can also get Saudi citizenship or nationality through marriage.

Regarding Foreign Wives
The following requirements must be met in order for a foreign male who is married to a Saudi woman to get Saudi nationality.

Men must have documentation proving their marriage to Saudi women.
The marriage should follow Saudi Arabia’s regulations and rules.
The applicant must have a spotless criminal background. Or has the Saudi police never charged you of wrongdoing or any illegal activity?
There shouldn’t be any limitations imposed by the authorities on either side.
He ought to be a resident of Saudi Arabia.
The following requirements must be met if the couple has been married for at least five years or four years and they still haven’t had a child.

A maximum of five years between the husband and wife’s ages.
The husband works as a doctor or engineer in Saudi Arabia.
Despite having foreign parents, she was born in Saudi Arabia.
Her hubby is a family member.
She has a brother or sister who is a Saudi Arab citizen.
Also, if the following requirements are met, the candidate is eligible for Saudi nationality.
if more than one of their children was born in the Saudi Arabian Kingdom.
if the candidate is the father of a son who has a Saudi mother.

Candidates have a son, and one of their brothers or sisters is a citizen of Saudi Arabia.
if the applicant meets the requirements of Saudi Arab Law Article 8 and is the son of a Saudi mother.
Although the applicant’s father was a Saudi national, he did not grant her Saudi citizenship.
The following conditions must be met in order for foreign widows of Saudi citizens to receive Saudi nationality.


She has legal documentation proving she is a Saudi national.
She leaving her original nationality before a public notary is evidence of abandonment.
Once his husband has passed away, she cannot marry anyone else.
The applicant made the choice to reside in Saudi Arabia.
By Saudi Law, the widow was never charged with any crime or any obscene act.
The appropriate authorities have made no limits or prohibitions.
The widow must be the mother of one or more adult children from her deceased husband who are at least 18 years old.

For professionals and expats
If a professional or expat meets the requirements below, they may apply for Saudi citizenship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The applicant has a valid passport that enables him to leave Saudi Arabia legitimately and return home without any restrictions.
He must have held a regular residency visa for the last ten years and have lived in the Saudi Arabian system.
The candidate is in a field like engineering or medicine that the nation needs.

The candidate must also receive a total of 23 out of a possible 33 points, which are distributed as follows.

A candidate who has lived there for ten years in a row has ten points.
The applicant’s occupation should match the needs of the nation. Only one qualifying is accepted, and the final score cannot be more than 13.
13 scores are available for doctoral degrees in engineering or medicine.
Science doctorates, master’s degrees, and bachelor’s degrees each award 10, 8, and 5 points.
Saudi ancestry is another factor that gives the applicant points. The distribution of them is as follows. This score cannot be higher than 10. If the applicant’s father is a Saudi male, he will receive an additional two points.

If the applicant’s mother and father are both Saudi, they will receive 3 points.
If the applicant’s wife and her father are Saudi nationals, he will receive three points. However, if only the wife is a Saudi national, the applicant will only receive one point.
Has a sibling and more than two Saudi children, he will receive two points. He will only receive one point if there are no more than two children.

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