6 strict requirements for final exit visa in Saudi Arabia.How to return or Cancel final exit (instructions)


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The process to be followed once the employer issues a resident expatriate with a final exit visa (Khurooj Nihai) and the employee refuses to leave the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was made clear by the General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) in Saudi Arabia.
As a response to a user’s question, the Saudi Jawazat posted the following on its official Twitter account: “If the resident expat worker has been granted a final exit visa, it is the employer’s responsibility to follow up for the worker’s departure and not to be satisfied only by just granting the final exit visa.” This is because the worker is still listed in your system and in our records.

A final exit visa, or Khurooj Nihai, is issued to the head of the household for all dependents and partners listed on the beneficiary’s record, even if they reside outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Passports Department also advised employers to cancel final exit visas and file a “Absent From Work” or Huroob report if they are unsure of where their foreign employees are.

Saudi Arabia’s final exit visa requirements are as follows:

  1. Pay any applicable fees. It is typically free to issue a final exit visa.
  2. Before issuing a worker with a final exit visa, the worker must pay off all outstanding traffic fines.
  3. The applicant’s passport must be valid for at least 60 days in order to issue a final exit visa and at least 90 days in order to issue an exit re-entry visa.
  4. The applicant’s Iqama must be legitimate. Recommend
  5. In issuing the final exit, a worker for whom the exit visa is to be provided should not have a car registered in his name.
  6. The person whose visa is being issued must have their fingerprint recorded in the Jawazat systems (for all who 15 years and above).

Can a Final Exit Visa be canceled?

The Saudi Arabian Jawazat indicated that the exit visa has a 60-day validity period and can be revoked for a fee of 1,000 Riyals. Nonetheless, the applicant’s iqama must be legitimate in order to revoke a final exit that has already been given.
– Khurooj Nihai Departure visa can be canceled at the conclusion of the final exit visa period directly through the “Tawasul” service via the Absher platform for electronic services.

If the worker has received his final exit document during his probationary or training period, it cannot be canceled.

Earlier, Saudi Arabia’s General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) announced that employers can take use of the service of granting an exit visa for domestic employees throughout their 90-day trial term by using the “Absher” computerized platform.

Issuing Final Exit while the employee is traveling outside of Saudi Arabia possible?

The instructions do not allow the transfer of an exit re-entry visa into a final exit while the applicant is outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to the General Directorate of Passports in the Kingdom.

Is it possible to return to Saudi Arabia once the Final Exit Visa has expired?

According to Saudi Jawazat, the worker’s return after the final exit (Khurooj Nihai) from the Kingdom is possible with a new work visa only if the worker exited the country in a regular manner and was not deported.


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