The most Scary,Haunted and Mysterious places in Saudi Arabia


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Saudi Arabia’s haunted locations

Abandoned Irqah Hospital

The hospital has been closed for many years and is now only a makeshift building made up of desolate wards and dim, winding hallways.

The 1991 Gulf War soldiers were cared for at the Irqah hospital in Riyadh. Yet, according to popular belief, this location is now only home to ghosts and jinn.
Authorities have been asked by citizens to launch an operation against jinns that live on the hospital’s grounds. The equipment and windows were harmed, and the jinns are blamed for starting the fire that destroyed 60% of the hospital.


There are numerous YouTube videos showing individuals searching the Iraqah hospital for jinn proof. One of the most dreaded videos was the one in which the ghost hunter lit a burning palm tree.
The Health Ministry has also released a statement denying responsibility for the dilapidated structure and asserting that the Irqah hospital in Riyadh is privately operated.

The structure is so badly damaged that it can no longer serve as a hospital.
Another columnist expressed concern about the structure and advocated for the creation of “a committee for the jinn” so that the building’s owners could reclaim it.
According to the journalist, evil sorcerers have made the lives of many people miserable, and we are sick of them.


Jeddah’s Most Haunted and Scaryย Villa

When three journalists from Arab News explored Jeddah’s most haunted house in January 2004, it was a scary night. According to a report by Arab News, 16 persons had entered the house but never left.

Around 100 meters from the seafront on the North Corniche is Jeddah’s most haunted house. The Jeddah expat communities are fully aware of it.

Taxi drivers avoid this house’s neighborhood. Some claim that it draws young people in like a magnet (Shabab).

According to a report by Arab News, 16 persons had entered the house but never left. Even their whereabouts is a mystery to the outside world.

You get a strong sense of something if you stand in front of the house throughout the day. Although it is incredibly challenging to describe, the emotion is real.

You experience slight nervous shocks in your body as well as an increase in blood pressure. There are a ton of crows on the roof of the house. Although the house’s windows are dead, they strongly suggest that someone is still watching from the back of it.

A team from Arab News spent the entire night there at that home in January 2004 with cameras installed practically everywhere. The house was completely dark in the pitch-black night, although they periodically caught a glimpse of faint yellow lights.

Also, they heard some odd noises made by tiny stones shifting on the ground. It appeared that someone was moving. You occasionally hear murmurs in your ears, but they are incomprehensible.

The voice was there even if one could associate it with the movement of little critters on the floor and the murmurs of the sea air entering through the windowpanes.


“We didn’t see any ghosts or goblins, but this isn’t proof that they didn’t exist. But, we did observe self-inflicted anxiety at work as well as the swagger and persuasion that boredom fuels. We also learned to admire the elderly woman for her apparent tolerance of our presence and to value the dignity she appeared to retain in spite of her advanced age and condition of disrepair.

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