Price List for SAPTCO Bus Tickets in 2023.


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The Saudi Public Transport Company (“SAPTCO”) now provides new online services, such as the SAPTCO mobile application for booking and purchasing tickets.

Although ticket costs change from time to time and depend on whether or not the tickets are refundable, we have included a list of approximate ticket costs from and to the country’s major cities.

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Prices for SAPTCO buses  from Riyadh (Aziziya)

  • Makkah (Al Haram): SAR184
  • Jeddah (Al Corniche): SAR 219
  • Dammam: SAR 92
  • Hail: SAR 159
  • Najran: SAR 224
  • Yanbu: SAR 269
  • Buraydah: SAR 92
  • Abha: SAR 239
  • Abqaiq: SAR 92
  • Al Ahsa: SAR 72
  • Al Dawadmi: SAR 86

Prices for SAPTCO buses from Jeddah (Al Corniche)

  • Riyadh (Al Aziziya): SAR 219
  • Makkah(Al Haram): SAR 20
  • Madinah: SAR 69
  • Najran: SAR 230
  • Jazan: SAR 184
  • Yanbu: SAR 99
  • Dammam: SAR 302
  • Hail: SAR 187

Prices for SAPTCO buses from Makkah (Al Haram)

  • Jeddah: SAR 20
  • Madinah: SAR 69
  • Dammam: SAR 276
  • Yanbu: SAR 112
  • Jubail SAR 308
  • Riyadh (Aziziya): SAR 184

Soon, prices for additional cities will be updated.

How to Book SAPTCO Tickets?

SAPTCO operates a very large network of bus services across the kingdom Saudi Arabia. It links many of the major cities in Saudi Arabia. SAPTCO bus ticket prices can be easily checked online through it official website. It can be booked online for Intercity and International travel in few simple steps as listed below

-Go to the SAPTCO website (

-Select the starting point and the final destination

-Choose your travel dates. Choose between one-way and roundtrip. Select Search.

-Choose the departure time from the bus travel schedule that is provided. The cost of the tickets will be published below. Choose any choice, then click “Book.”


-Enter the passenger’s information, and then click Continue to go to the payment page.

-You can pay online with a credit card or SADAD, and you’ll get an electronic ticket you can print off or present on your phone.

You can make reservations by visiting: –

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