Saudi Arabia is attempting to create green and blue hydrogen in NEOM for the first time.


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Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir, the Saudi Arabian Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Cabinet Member, and Special Representative for Climate Change, confirmed that the Kingdom is working to produce green and blue hydrogen first, as it considers itself to be an energy exporter as well as an oil exporter.

Al-Jubeir said that renewable energy will fill the gap left by fossil fuels failing to satisfy rising global energy demands. He said that Saudi Arabia cannot, for instance, produce more oil than is needed since fossil fuels will continue to be needed for decades to come.

The world needs energy, he said, so we must look for non-oil resources and alternate forms of energy that we can utilize in the future.

  • Al-Jubeir claimed that emotional language and sentiments surrounding environmental and climate change issues are useless and can only be used for short-term domestic political gain. They do nothing to help the environment or the climate, he added.
  • The minister continues, “The barriers to achieving the aims of climate change are to avoid engaging in a conversation that is emotionally charged and devoid of logic and science and that the issue demands global unity, as no country alone can alleviate climate change.
  • The ceiling of targets can be lifted if this is determined, and this has already been done with relation to methane emissions, he said, adding that Saudi Arabia’s climate-related activities are continually examined.
  • The minister emphasized that the Kingdom is constructing the largest green hydrogen plant in the NEOM area and declared its desire for the nation to become the top producer of green and blue hydrogen. The kingdom is also thinking about how to export and supply this material to consumers.

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