Saudi Iqama Fine Check Online Without ABSHER in 2022.


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We’re going to talk about the Saudi Iqama fine check process today. If you live in Saudi Arabia and want to know if you have any fines on your Iqama, this article will be helpful. The news of a fine in Saudi Arabia for using VPNs is all over social media. 1000 Riyals, 1700 Riyals, or 2000 Riyals, according to several sources. Immigrants primarily use VPNs to communicate with loved ones in their home countries. That is why most immigrants are concerned if their Iqama has such a fine. All of these issues will be addressed today. Because of the influx of immigrants into Saudi Arabia, the usage of VPNs is highly prevalent, and many people are unaware that it is outlawed by the Saudi government. We will learn to check for various different forms of Iqama infractions.


Steps to Follow for Saudi Iqama Fine Check Online:

It is relatively simple to check Saudi Iqama fines online without utilizing the ABSHER program. Sim bills that have not been paid, health insurance that has expired and has not been updated, traffic infraction fines, and ministry of commerce violations are all examples of Iqama violations. To check the sorts of violations, click the three-line in the right corner and select the violation list.

Follow the given steps for Saudi Iqama fine check:

1. First, open the official website of EFAA by clicking the following link:

2.ย Once the website loads, you will see two options.

  1. Select the “individual” option from the drop-down menu.
  2. Verify that your Iqama number is correct by entering it.
  3. It will now prompt you to enter the infraction code or your date of birth. We’re still looking for our violation fine. The date of birth will be typed.
  4. Once you’ve entered your Iqama number and date of birth, click (Inquire).
  5. You will now receive an Opt code on your registered or connected cellphone number with your Iqama or ABSHER.
  1. Type in the code and press the confirm button.
  2. After a few seconds, you should see the results as seen in the image below. It states that your Iqama is free of any violations, which is a huge comfort for immigrants.

If you have any outstanding fines from any category, they will be listed here. We’d also want to share with you the good news that there is no such penalty for using VPNs. However, using a VPN to conceal your location is against the law. We recommend that you should not use such programs in public. There is a fine for using VPN services, but only if you use them for illegal or fraudulent purposes. If you are found red-handed, you will be in serious danger. Using a VPN in your personal space will not result in any issues.


If you found this brief article on LifeofArabs useful, please let us know. Living in Saudi Arabia can be difficult, but if you follow all of the rules and regulations, it is a lovely place to call home.

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