Saudi Moroor imposes four conditions on car window shades.


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Saudi Arabia’s General Directorate of Traffic (Moroor) has established guidelines for darkening car windows, emphasizing the significance of following four rules.

In answer to an inquiry from one of the residents, Saudi Moroor clarified this, saying, “Peace be upon you.” Is it permissible to totally shade the car window? or how much is permissible? Video A reckless wrong way driver hits 11 vehicles in Riyadh

Saudi Moroor’s official Twitter account listed the following four requirements for car window shades:

  1. The car window should be transparent, with no obstructions to visibility and a proportion of no more than 30%.
  2. The car window must not reflect the image in the same way that a mirror does, and it must not have any decorations, inscriptions, images, or anything else that reduces the degree of transparency.
  3. The automobile window should be one of the types permitted within Saudi Arabia and that does not affect individuals or the environment, as determined by the competent authorities.
  4. On some medical situations, the percentage of shade a car window can be surpassed, requiring medical reports. Things to Do and Not To Do during Ramadan in Saudi Arabia

Vehicles allowed and prohibited to be shading :

The General Traffic Department explained that cars with a cockpit, rear seats, and side or rear doors that are used to transport people are authorized to be shaded.

Vehicles that are not allowed to be shading :

Taxis, daily rental vehicles, sports vehicles (1 door) that can only accommodate the driver and companion; if they have rear seats and separate windows, it is permissible to shade only that portion of the back seats, cargo transport vehicles.

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