How to Check if ZamZam water is Real?


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ZamZam water is available for purchase or wholesale in a variety of locations. However, the authorities have recently discovered a number of cases in which people have been selling fake ZamZam water.

Now the issue arises: how can you be sure that the ZamZam water you’re buying is genuine?

ZamZam Water from Haram

If you visit Haram, you will notice ZamZam water coolers in practically every location. You can drink as much as you want there, but these coolers aren’t meant to allow you to transport large quantities of ZamZam water with you.

You should be aware that Zamzam water supplied in bottles from the Haram (Makkah or Madina) is 100% genuine, as the government is responsible for filling these containers. How To Contact STC Pay | STC Pay Customer Service Phone Number

ZamZam Water from Grocery Stores

The ZamZam water sold by major grocery store chains like HyperPanda and Lulu is 100 percent genuine because it is purchased straight from the ZamZam facility.

ZamZam water bought at Jeddah Airport

ZamZam water is available for purchase at a low cost of SR 9 in all terminals of Jeddah airport. It covers everything, including the expense of packing. They only give out one ZamZam water bottle per passport, indicating that they do not sell in bulk.

The ZamZam water sold at these government-sponsored locations is authentic.

ZamZam water bought from Hajj and Umrah Agents

Normally, Hajj and Umrah agents sell pilgrims bottles of ZamZam water. Most Hajj and Umrah agencies ensure that they purchase bottles from a reputable supplier, such as the main factory, because it is more cost-effective.


If this is the case, I believe there is no need to be concerned. Insha Allah, the ZamZam water you supply through the Umrah agency will be genuine!

ZamZam Distribution Center

You can visit the factory that is authorised to extract ZamZam water from the well if you have free time. The King Abdullah ZamZam Distribution Center sells ZamZam water directly.

Obviously, if you do so, it is 100 percent real. However, transporting a bottle from a faraway site is challenging. โ€œTawakulnaโ€ adds the โ€œManasik Gateโ€ service to collect all Hajj and Umrah services (photos)

ZamZam water bought from Hawkers

ZamZam water can be purchased from hawkers or businesses near your home or even in Makkah. The question now is whether the ZamZam water sold in such stores is genuine.

There’s a good probability the ZamZam water you get from these places is false. I’m not saying the ZamZam water they sell is always false, but you can’t trust them. As a result, I would save it as a last option.

ZamZam water sold out of Saudi Arabia

You should be aware that anyone selling ZamZam water outside of Saudi Arabia, whether on a retail or wholesale basis, is not selling genuine ZamZam water.

It is forbidden to export ZamZam water for commercial purposes from Saudi Arabia, and the only source of ZamZam water is the ZamZam well in Haram Makkah.

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