In Saudi Arabia, there are eight traditions that you should be aware of.


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Every country has its own culture, and the culture of Saudi Arabia, or to be more accurate, the Arab World, differs from that of the West. Here are eight Saudi traditions that every foreigner should be aware of:

Warm Handshake

Saudis are known for their hospitality, and they expect the same from others. It is considered disrespectful to the person with whom you are shaking hands if you give them a bad handshake. Watch “WWE” stars dance to the flute in Jeddah

  • Never ever use your left hand.
  • If your right hand is dirty or even wet, never ever shake hands with anyone before cleaning it thoroughly.
  • If you are caught in such a situation that you must shake hands, offer your wrist instead.


If you’ve lived in Saudi Arabia for a while, you’ve probably noticed that when people meet, they exchange a series of kisses.

Each kiss has its own meaning, which I have already discussed in this article. 12 Types of Kisses Arab Women do

Start from Right

If you’re walking into a room with a group of Saudis, start with the person on your right and work your way to the left anti-clockwise.

Remember to say “Assalam Alaikum” with a small bow of your head and a genuine smile to each person. It’s warmly received by your hosts.

Never Refuse the Qahwa

You must be provided Arabic Qahwa, a typical Saudi drink. In no way should you refuse it. Take a taste and set the cup on the table, even if you don’t like it.

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If you finish it, a Saudi sitting at the kettle will replenish it for you.

Don’t Wear Gold

If you’re wearing a gold chain around your neck, make sure it’s not too noticeable. Also, gold bracelets should be avoided. Men are not permitted to wear gold in Islam, it is considered bad in Saudi culture.

Never discuss Politics and Religion

Never debate religious politics, monarchy, terrorism, security, or other contentious matters in public with anyone. Don’t even talk about it with your Saudi pals in private.

These are highly delicate matters, and you may face serious consequences as a result of your ignorance. Politics here refers to Saudi Arabian politics. How do you certify your degree in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, if your country has no diplomatic links with Saudi Arabia, you are free to debate its politics. Football is a popular sport among them, so it could be an interesting topic to discuss.

Have Patience – Insha Allah

When entering Saudi Arabia, the first lesson you should learn is to be patient. Everything in Saudi Arabia takes time to complete.


When asked about the estimated completion date of a task, Saudis usually respond, “Insha Allah.” It literally means “God’s will.”Watch an accident ran over a woman while crossing one of the main streets in Al-Baha

Sitting in Chair

Avoid sitting cross-legged in your chair so that one of your shoes points at your hosts.

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