12 Types of Kisses Arab Women do


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Today, we’ll discuss the many types of kisses that Arab girls exchange when they meet. We all know that not only Arab females, but also Arab males, kiss to express their love and passion for one another.

In reality, they occasionally show love and affection, perhaps a little too much love and affection. In this essay, I’ll describe how and what kind of kisses Arab women give, as well as what that type of kiss means when they meet.

1-Right Left Right Cheek Kiss

Arab ladies kiss three times in this style, starting on the right, then the left, and finally the left. Increase the quantity of kisses if you want to express more affection. It’s as long as 6,7 kisses on the right, left, right, left.

2-Right, Left Left Cheek Kiss 

Arab ladies kiss on the right cheek first, then the left cheek 3,4 times in this form of kiss. The level of affection is demonstrated by more than two kisses on the left cheek.

3-The Traveler’s Kiss

When an Arab returns home after a long absence, he or she is frequently showered with an endless number of kisses. It demonstrates affection and devotion, perhaps a little too much!!!

4-The Fast Pace Kiss

This is the kiss that women give to another person when they want to move on. When they seek to disregard one person and place a greater emphasis on another.

Just consider how essential kissing is in Arab culture: even ignoring someone necessitates a kiss. So, if an Arab kisses at a higher rate, understand that she wants to kiss someone else.

5-The “Say it don’t spray it” kiss

In this type of kiss, be prepared for some sloppiness. There is always one lady or man at the occasion who believes it is his or her responsibility to suffocate you with saliva spray.

They don’t kiss; instead, they spit in each other’s faces. If you find yourself in this circumstance, attempt to stay away from that person. If you can’t stay away from him, wash your face right after she kisses you. Cleaning or bleaching is actually advised.

6-The Jaw-Breaker Kiss

Some people express their love for you in an abrasive manner. They want to display real rough love, in other words. As a show of respect and love, these people try their hardest to break your jaw.

If you aren’t feeling well and come across a Jaw Breaker Kisser, simply try to flee the scene.

7-Don’t Ruin my Makeup Kiss 

Ladies spend a great deal of time denting and painting their faces. This is referred to as “denting and painting makeup.” Consider what would happen if someone came up and ruined their makeup with a shower of kisses.

As a result, they’ve devised a kiss in which they don’t actually kiss each other. They just stop another person with their arms at a few centimeters apart and make a kissing sound. The final goal is to avoid ruining her cosmetics and putting it on your face.

8-I am Sick Kiss

If you’re unwell or don’t want to kiss someone important, you don’t kiss her and tell her you’re sick. Keep in mind, though, that if that other person sees you kissing someone else, you’ll be in big trouble.


9-Smothering your Baby Kiss

Arabs adore newborns, and in order to express their affection, they must smother them with millions of kisses. It’s a lovely relationship because they’ll keep kissing the infant until he or she cries out loud. If you come across such a person near your infant, try to protect him or her from the harsh kisser.

10-The Infinity Kiss

While speaking, many Arabs continue to kiss one other. They will continue to kiss and chat to one another. According to a Gallup poll, Arabs kiss 150 times in 5 minutes while conversing to one other during infinite kisses…. Just joking.

11-The Manly Kiss 

Arab men desire to be seen as manly at all times. Even Arab women go to great lengths to demonstrate their manliness. Unless you scream, they will continue to hold your palm with full pressure while doing this kiss.

12-Respecting your Grand Parents Kiss 

Grandparents are adored by Arabs. These are the people who raised their parents and, eventually, their children. They simply kiss their hands to show them respect. As a result, only grandparents are at danger of damage.

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