A Saudi man constructs a house with no doors for travelers.


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According to a television report, a Saudi man has managed to construct a house without a door. This is an open house that he has set up for visitors and travelers.

This initiative’s jewel is Khalid Al Harbi. This house is located in the AlUla governorate in northwest Saudi Arabia.

Khalid is opening his doors to all guests for free in Al Ula, where a hotel room costs around SR 1,000 per night.

Al Harbi built this residence 15 years ago, following in the teachings of Prophet Muhammad ļ·ŗĀ (PBUH), who was gracious to his guests. He wishes to be generous to visitors and strangers.


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“Our religion teaches us to welcome guests,” he said. As a result, this house has been built, which is fully equipped, has all of the conveniences, and ensures the guests’ comfort.

He further told me that all of these services are provided free of charge. His heart and doors are both open.

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