How much does it cost to live in Saudi Arabia?


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You must be asking, before settling down in Saudi Arabia, how much does it cost to live for a single person or a family? Here’s everything you need to know.

The cost of living in Saudi Arabia will be dominated by the home rent for your residence. Read More:For selling crocodile meat, a Saudi restaurant was shut down.

House Rent

Single Person: You have the option of renting a single room or sharing a single room with another person. A single room with a washroom is normally offered for SR 1,000 per month.
Family: A reasonable apartment for rent starts at SR 20,000 per year, but you can spend as much as you wish because there is no upper limit.

Dependent Fee

If you live with a family in Saudi Arabia, the dependant fee will be a significant part of your monthly budget.

For each child and wife, an expat must pay SR 4,800 per year. The dependent fee is calculated in detail here.


Another significant component of the cost of living in Saudi Arabia is the schooling charge.

A typical private international school costs roughly SR 15,000 per child plus SR 3,000 for transportation.Read More:4 interesting facts about Saudi Arabiaโ€™s founding day

Food Expenses

A single lunch costs roughly SR 20 on average. A single person has the option of cooking at home or dining outside.

The cost of food for a family varies depending on a number of factors. The average monthly grocery bill is roughly SR 500 per person.

Transport Cost

Unfortunately, there is no efficient transit system for within-city travel in Saudi Arabia.

Taxis are pricey, as they are everywhere over the world. Normally, a taxi driver will take SR 10 for a 10-minute route and SR 15 for a 15-minute one.
A new Toyota Corolla can be purchased for roughly SR 1,300 each month.
If you have a private car, gasoline costs SR 2.18 per liter.Read More:Video: Saudi Arabia has arrested four Expatriates for disrespecting the Saudi flag.

Internet + Mobile

In Saudi Arabia, Internet and mobile phones are included in the cost of life.

The cost of a fiber optic internet connection is SR 260 per month.
The cost of a 5G internet connection is SR 400 per month.
The average monthly mobile bill is SR 100.

Electricity Expenses

Electricity is not a significant cost in Saudi Arabia because it is relatively inexpensive. In the winter, you may expect a monthly charge of roughly SR 50 per person, while in the summer, you can expect a bill of around SR 100 per person.


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