4 interesting facts about Saudi Arabia’s founding day


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Although we are all aware that February 22 is a national holiday in Saudi Arabia, many people are unaware of why Saudis commemorate the country’s founding. What are the distinctions between the Saudi National Day (Sept 23) and the Founding Day (Feb 22)?

The First Saudi State: Feb 22, 1727

Imam Muhammad bin Saud Al-Muqrin established the first Saudi state, Diriyah, on February 22, 1727. Saudi Arabia’s creation day is a celebration and commemoration of Ibn Saud’s founding of the first Saudi state 300 years ago.


The Second Saudi State: 1824-1891

Diriyah’s neighboring tribe, the Najd, later sparked unrest in the city. Imam Turki bin Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Saud formed the second Saudi state in Najd in 1824. His reign began when he liberated the entire city of Najd from Mohammad Ali Pasha’s soldiers.

The Third Saudi State: 1902

In 1891 Muhammad Al Rashid took over Riyadh which was governed by King Abdulaziz’s father, Emir Abdulrahman bin Faisal Al Saud.

Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al Saud, only 21 years old, conquered Riyadh in 1902. In the years that followed, he captured and took control of the neighboring lands.

Saudi National Day: Sep 23, 1932

The 23rd of September is Saudi Arabia’s national day, commemorating the unification of the kingdom’s regions under King Abdulaziz in 1932.

While the country’s creation day commemorates the country’s profound historical roots dating back to 1727, when the First Saudi State was established.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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