Women can have healthy, glowing, and beautiful skin with the use of a face veil, according to skin specialists.


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The secret to Arab women’s flawless skin is this: Because of the frequent exposure to pollution, all dermatologists now agree that the reason for Arab women’s perfect skin is their face cover. This shields them not just from the sun, but also from common pollution.

The amount of clean oxygen in the air has been diminished due to odors from adjacent factories, gases generated from autos, and tree chopping. The air is so filthy that even without coming into touch with dirt, our faces are covered in a thin layer of dirt by the end of the day, which can be seen while cleaning your face with a moistened face towel.

Najat al-Nazr, a well-known dermatologist at Qatid Central Hospital, recently stated that the most beautiful women in the world can be found in Saudi Arabia because their faces are shielded by the face veil they wear, which protects them from the sun’s damaging radiation.

Sun causes a lot of skin damage

Sun damage includes premature wrinkles, freckles, melisma, and skin darkening. Excessive sun exposure can also lead to numerous types of skin cancer, thus being covered from the sun allows them to be protected at all times, leaving their skin supple and youthful.

People should be aware of the hazardous skin disorders that can be caused by sun exposure or any other bacteria or fungal allergies, as well as tissue diseases like lupus, according to the dermatologist.

Avoid excessive Contact with Sunlight:

The dermatologist provided a few reminders for ladies to remember and follow in order to maintain good skin. She advised ladies to avoid direct sunlight between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., to wear protective clothing if exposure is extended, and to wear sun-protection accessories such as hats and sunglasses.


Women should also wear clothing that does not attract heat and is airy enough to be comfortable, as well as a high SPF sunscreen to further reduce sun exposure.

Women must recognize that the less time they spend in the sunlight, the healthier their skin will be. If the sun can dry out lakes and scorch forests, just think of the damage it can do to our skin.

Vitamins from the sun are necessary, but not to the point where our skin becomes parched and unhealthy. Aside from the sun, ladies who choose skin treatments such as waxing and laser should avoid them since they employ high-temperature exposure to the skin, which can be just as harmful as the sun.

Women who use Jacuzzis and saunas should be aware that the hot water not only harms their skin but also makes their muscles sensitive.

However, after being exposed to heat artificially, such as with a laser, the individual exposed to the heat should apply cool things to lessen the severity of any burns and use appropriate moisturizers to keep the skin supple and avoid chapping.


Source: Al Arabiya

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