1400-year-old Sahabi tree of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ


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Because the Al Buqayawiyya tree provided protection to Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. 1400 years ago, it is known as the only living Sahabi tree. The fortunate tree can be found in Jordan’s northern desert.

The name Al Buqayawiyya refers to a tree that is blessed.

How is Sahabi Tree alive?

There is no foliage for many kilometers around the Al Buqayawiyya tree, which stands alone in the middle of the desert, challenging science to explain how Allah has protected Prophet Muhammad ﷺ freinds.

If you’re planning a vacation to Jordan, make sure to stop by the Sahabi tree and rest for a while. Here’s where you can find the map.

Why did Prophet Muhammad ﷺ take shelter?

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was a young boy of 9 or 11 years of age when he traveled to Syria with his uncle Abu Talib for trade.

Bahira, a Christian monk, had read in an ancient text that the last prophet will be greeted by the Buqayawiyya tree. He would watch for individuals seeking shelter under the tree and look for signs, but he never found any.

One day, he noticed a caravan approaching, which took refuge beneath the blessed tree. Bahira, a Christian monk, believed the Sahabi tree recognized Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and bent its branches to provide shade from the sun.

Bahira also saw that Prophet Muhammad was always shielded from the sun by a cloud of protection.

When Bahira realized what was going on, he approached Abu Talib and asked him to look after the orphan since he ﷺ is the one who will bring blessing to the people and mankind.

How old is a Sahabi tree?

Even though Muslim researchers argue that this is the tree mentioned by Monk Bahira, it is difficult to verify whether or not this is the case.

The government currently has possession of the Sahabi tree, which it looks after. It is surrounded by a fence yet is accessible to the general public. Anyone can take use of the living tree’s shelter.

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