How to transfer Iqama without Kafeel’s permission (2021)?


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If an expatriate meets any of these following conditions. He will be able to change sponsorship without the sponsor’s approval or consent.

Conditions for change sponsor (Kafeel) without sponsor (Kafeel) approval

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  1. If the sponsor is in the Red Nitaqat category.
  2. If Kafeel doesn’t provide Iqama to the employee within 3 months of his arrival. 
  3. You can transfer the sponsorship after 3 days of the Iqama and labor card expiry.
  4. If you have not been paid salaries for over 3 months under the Wage Protection System.
  5. If you report a commercial coverup (Tasattur) in your organization. – Arab News
  6. If there has been a judgment by the court in the favor of the expatriate to allow him to transfer his sponsorship.

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Procedure – How to Transfer Iqama without Sponsor’s (Kafeel’s) permission.

Note: If you meet any of the conditions fifth or sixth, you can request the transfer of Iqama sponsorship from the Ministry of Labor through an online platform.

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Login to your Ministry of Labor accounts through the following link by entering your Iqama Number and the password.

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The MOL (Ministry of Labor) system will send a verification code to your mobile which you need to enter in your account to log in.

Now click on the Individual Portal as shown in the screenshot below.

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The next page will offer you many services out of which you need to click on the Request for Transfer Permission without the consent of the sponsor tab.

On the next page, you would be able to see the terms and conditions for sponsorship transfer without sponsor (Kafeel’s) approval. You will need to accept the terms and conditions.

After that on the next page, you need to enter the required details and submit the application;

  • Select the reason.
  • Enter the details of your case.
  • Attach all the supporting evidence to support your case.

Post Application Process

The authorities will review the application and approve or reject the request to transfer Iqama sponsorship without the consent of the sponsor.
Once the application is approved, the employee has 30 days to complete the remaining process of transferring the sponsorship.
In case the online procedure does not work out to be in your favor, your new sponsor can visit the Labor office to complete the process of transferring the sponsorship without old Kafeel’s approval.

Transfer Sponsorship if Iqama is not issued in 3 months

If the Iqama of an expatriate is not issued within 3 months of his entrance to Saudi Arabia, a new sponsor can transfer his sponsorship without the approval of the current Kafeel with his border number.

  • The new Kafeel will log in to his Ministry of Labor account, and select “Transferring Services Using Border Number”.
  • Enter the Border number of the expatriate and Establishment number of his Kafeel and submit the request.
  • The Mol will confirm whether the expatriates are among the above enterprise.
  • Now the new Kafeel will have to visit the Jawazat office to get a temporary Iqama.
  • Once the temporary iqama is issued, the new Kafeel will follow the rest of the process to transfer the sponsorship.
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Iqama transfer if Kafeel is red or Iqama Expired

You can also transfer the sponsorship from Iqama without the permission of the sponsor if Coffee is in the Red Nitaqat category or after one month from your expiration date for Iqama.
In this condition, however, the new employer will have to visit the Labor Office as well as the Jawazat office to complete the process.

Iqama Transfer of domestic workers without Kafeel

A domestic worker can file a case in the labor office against the employer in the following 10 conditions and get the Iqama sponsorship transferred to another sponsor without current Kafeel’s consent.

  1. Salary not paid for 3 months.
  2. If the employer does not pick up the worker from the airport upon the first arrival.
  3. You can transfer the sponsorship after one month of Iqama expiry.
  4. The worker’s service is rented to another person without his/her consent.
  5. A threat to the worker’s health and safety.
  6. Physical mistreatment with the domestic worker.
  7. A fake huroob case registered by the employer.
  8. If the employer does not attend the legal proceedings of an employee case two times in a row.
  9. The employer has disappeared.
  10. If the Minister thinks it is legitimate.

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For the latest updates, news, and events of Saudi Arabia you can join our WhatsApp group or Telegram

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