1.8 million dangerous cars on Saudi roads


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There are around 1.8 million recalled cars running on the roads and streets across the Kingdom, posing a big threat to road users on a daily basis.

The Ministry of Commerce on Friday urged consumers to respond to campaigns to recall defective vehicles and other products so as to ensure their safety and protect their rights.

The ministry has a Defective Products Recall Center to deal with defective vehicles and products. The old cars spur pollution and can be a serious environment hazard with considerable amount of air or groundwater pollution.

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The ministry said that there are many vehicles and products that have been subjected to recall during the past period but their owners did not respond to the campaigns, which pose a danger to them and their families.

These included dangerous cars as well as more than 300,000 defective household appliances, and more than 50,000 children’s toys.

The ministry indicated that the “recall” is a global system for goods and products that, after use, are found defective, and are directly subject to recall operations.


It is noteworthy that the most prominent potential risks in the event of failure to respond to the recall campaigns lie in the occurrence of traffic accidents, fire, damage, or cases of suffocation for children.

The ministry has launched 1156 recall campaigns for vehicles and products since launching the website of Defective Products Recall Center in 2018.

Consumers can check the comprehensiveness of recall campaigns for their products or vehicles electronically through the website: https://recalls.sa

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