Human Resources” publishes the details of the new regulation of the social security system


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Today (Friday), the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development revealed the details of the new executive regulations for the social security system.

The regulation published by Umm Al-Qura (the Official Gazette) granted family members the right to resort to the competent court if there is a lack or loss of the breadwinner’s eligibility that makes it difficult for him to dispose of the pension.

Those who meet the eligibility conditions shall benefit from the Saudi pension, which is permanently resident in the Kingdom, provided that the period of his presence outside the Kingdom does not exceed 3 continuous or separate months during the year preceding the date of disbursement of the pension.

The wife of a Saudi woman, as well as his divorcee and widow who have Saudi children, are excluded from the nationality condition, provided that the woman and her children reside permanently in the Kingdom, have a valid residency, and provide proof of the case.

As for the children of a Saudi widow and divorced woman from a non-Saudi husband, their permanent residence in the Kingdom is required, and they must provide proof of the woman’s marriage to a non-Saudi husband based on an official document, and that the children have valid residency.

While persons with disabilities, orphans, and widows with orphans who have mobility cards, in order to pay the pension to them, the mobility cards must be valid, and proof of disability must be submitted.

If the breadwinner has more than one family residing in one dwelling, then he and all those who fall under his care, responsibility and expense in that dwelling are considered one family, while if he has more than one family and each one resides in a separate dwelling, then each family is considered independent and the monthly income is calculated and divided The entitlement is for each dependent family separately.

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According to the regulation, the payment of the pension to the family will not be stopped in the event of the death of the breadwinner or one of the dependents, and in this case the amount determined for the deceased will be deducted from the calculated minimum pension.

The monthly income of the beneficiary is calculated from the value of the assets owned by him that can be liquidated and the government support and subsidies disbursed to him, while he is not entitled to the pension if the calculated income for the independent or the family exceeds the calculated minimum pension.

The monthly income does not include in-kind assistance that the independent or the family – or one of its members – may receive from social, health or other institutions.

The regulation stipulated for the continuation of the pension payment to the family, to enroll all dependent children who have not reached the age of 18 years in school or specialized rehabilitation and care centers – according to the status of the dependent – and to attend to their attendance during official working hours. The breadwinner is responsible for the family’s compliance with this condition.

It also stipulated that all dependent children be given the necessary vaccinations on time according to the instructions issued by the Ministry of Health, as well as an annual medical review for the independent and for all family members in primary health care centers. The breadwinner is responsible for the family’s compliance with this condition.

And if it is proven to the Ministry that the breadwinner has not committed to spending and spending the pension on his dependents, the Ministry informs the competent control authority and appoints the adult dependent referred to in Paragraph 1/e of Article II as a breadwinner, whose text says (the name of the adult dependent, the contact number and the bank account in If the breadwinner ceases to receive the pension or loses eligibility) the family members may object before the committee against the decision to appoint the breadwinner.

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