Saudi Arabia classifies 69 countries as high risk for travel


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Saudi Arabia’s public health authority (Weqaya) has classified 69 countries as “very high risk” for travel. Weqaya issues travel alerts during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

​The Saudi Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Weqaya) updates its travel alerts every two weeks based on the epidemiological assessment of countries.

Weqaya has advised the citizens and Iqama holders not to travel to the following countries including India, Pakistan, Egypt, and the Philippines.

It includes all the 9 countries from where people are not allowed to enter unless they spend 14 days in another country.

Countries listed by Weqaya in red on the site’s global map as “very high risk” include the following;

1. Argentina.

2. Armenia.

3. Afghanistan.

4. Uruguay.

5. Eritrea.

6. Ethiopia.

7. Ecuador.

8. Bahrain.


9. Syria.

10. Senegal.

11. Sudan.

12. Somalia.

13. Iraq.

14. The Philippines.

15. Congo.

16. India.

17. Japan.

18. Indonesia.

19. Uganda.

20. Ukraine.

21. Iran.

22. Pakistan.

23. Brazil.

24. Paraguay.

25. Bangladesh.

26. Panama.

27. Botswana.

28. Burundi.

29. Bolivia.

30. Albeiro.

31. Belarus.

32. Tajikistan.

33. Tanzania.

34. Turkey.

35. Trinidad and Tobago.

36. Chile.

37. Tunisia.

38. The Maldives.

39. Yemen.

40. Egypt.

41. South Sudan.

42. Guatemala.

43. Guyana.

44. Rwanda.

45. Zambia.

46. Zimbabwe.

47. St. Vincent.

48. St. Kitts.

49. Sri Lanka.

50. Suriname.

51. Seychelles.

52. Palestine.

53. Venezuela.

54. Vietnam.

55. Kazakhstan.

56. Kirgizstan.

57. Costa Rica.

58. Colombia.

59. Kenya.

60. Lebanon.

61. Libya.

62. Malaysia.

63. Myanmar.

64. Mauritius.

65. Mozambique.

66. Namibia.

67. Nepal.

68. Haiti.

69. Honduras.

Source: Weqaya

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