Travelers coming to Saudi Arabia must declare any Purchases and Gifts above 3000 Riyals


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The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority in Saudi Arabia has called on all travelers coming to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to declare any personal purchases or gifts whose value is more than 3,000 Saudi riyals or its equivalent in foreign currencies, and to pay customs duties and taxes due on them

The authority also called on travelers coming to or departing from the Kingdom to submit the declaration to those carrying currencies, jewelry, or valuable materials whose value amounts to 60,000 Saudi riyals or more, or the equivalent in foreign currencies.
– The authority asked for submitting a declaration to those carrying any prohibited or restricted goods in the Kingdom, including cigarettes and tobacco products, electronically through the passenger declaration application or through the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority website See Also :Banning foreign vehicles exceeding its Lifespan from entering into Saudi Arabia
– This comes in implementation of the controls and conditions of the Unified Customs law for the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for the Arab States.

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The Authority revealed that, it imposed a financial fine of 25% of the value of the seizures in the event of non-declaration or wrong recognition of currencies or negotiable instruments, if the violation was for the first time.
– Upon repetition, 50% of its value, if there is no suspicion that the seizures are related to an original crime or money laundering. In the event that the seizures are suspected of being linked to a predicate crime or money laundering, the entire amount shall be withheld and the violator referred to the Public Prosecution.

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Failure to acknowledge or authorize the goods, whether prohibited or restricted, results in the confiscation of those materials, imposing a fine, and referring the person to the competent authority.
– The authority clarified that the approval procedures are available through the Saudi Customs website, or by applying smart devices and paying the amounts due, or by providing customs employees at all land, sea and air ports with the reference number, and completing the declaration procedures.

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