Closure of the Gulf Bridge in Riyadh for 8 days These are the alternative methods


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Ministry of Transport decided to close the Gulf Bridge to the east in Riyadh, to traffic, from next Monday, May 10, until the 17th of the same month.

The Ministry of Transport is carrying out some maintenance work for the bridge, and it will display information and traffic signs to alert motorists and ensure their safety.

The General Directorate of Traffic stated that the closure of the Gulf Bridge includes (5) five main axes, and that it has carried out the necessary traffic diversions to prevent congestion and provide alternative roads that achieve traffic flow.

It stated that the traffic change includes closing the road from Jeddah – Makkah. Provided that the next takes King Abdullah Road towards the north, and the next from King Khalid Road towards the south crosses the rotation of Abdullah Bin Hudhafa Al-Sahmi Bridge, where the curve heading east to Makkah Road will be closed.

They stated that the one coming from the south or the north to Cairo Square can take King Fahd Road towards the north or the south due to the closure of the curve coming from the south and north towards Makkah Road to the east, indicating that the one heading to the intersection of King Abdulaziz – Makkah Road (Transportation Square), can take The service road leads to King Abdulaziz Road, and then continues to Salah Al-Din Al-Ayoubi Road.

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