Ministry of Health announces the availability of more appointments at the approved Pfizer vaccine centers in the cities of Riyadh and Jeddah


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Today, the Ministry of Health announced that more appointments will be made available at the vaccination centers approved for the Pfizer vaccine in the cities of Riyadh and Jeddah, in response to the wishes of citizens and residents to obtain the Corona vaccine.

The Ministry of Health stated that the vaccine centers in various regions of the Kingdom are witnessing a great turnout from community members to obtain the vaccine, amid regulatory measures and precautionary measures to preserve their health and safety, noting that the number of these centers is more than 587 centers, where 7410217 doses of the Corona vaccine were given until right Now.

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The Ministry urged everyone to quickly obtain the Corona vaccine and register through the Sehaty app, stressing that the vaccines approved in the Kingdom are effective and safe.

And renewed the reminder to take advantage of a priority service provided by the health, whereby the possibility of rapid vaccination with the Corona vaccine (Covid-19) for those over the age of 75 and over is “currently” available to all citizens and residents, without registration, appointment or waiting, directly through a visit The nearest vaccination center in all regions and governorates of the Kingdom.

The Ministry of Health indicated that the centers providing the Pfizer vaccine in Riyadh include: the Hilton Hotel, Crown Plaza Hotel, Riyadh Showrooms, Diriyah Hospital, Al Khaleej Health Center, Al Nadwa Health Center, Al Jazeera Health Center, King Saud University, Imam University, Al Mouwasat Hospital, Hospital Al-Habib, Al-Masyaf Health Center, Mansoura Health Center, Security Forces Hospital in Salboukh, Prince Sultan Health Center in Ahmedia, King Abdulaziz Medical City in the National Guard, while the Pfizer vaccine delivery centers in Jeddah include: Maternity and Children Hospital, Jeddah Field Hospital, University Hospital at King Abdulaziz University Ministry of National Guard – Covid 19 Vaccination Center, King Abdulaziz Airport – South Terminal, International Medical Center.

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