Children Not Allowed At Two Holy Mosques During Ramadan 2021


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The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia clarified on the updated mechanism and regulations for the issuance of permit to perform Umrah or to perform prayer at Grand Mosque and visit the Rawdah Sharif at Madina during the holy month of Ramadan.

As per the regulations, only vaccinated pilgrims and worshipers will be allowed to perform the rituals. Children will not be allowed with the pilgrims and worshipers at the Two Holy Mosques.

performance of Taraweeh prayers as well. According to the Ministry, permits will be issued to the immunized people as per their status in Tawakkalna app.

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– Immunized people are categorized into three, those who received 2 doses of corona vaccine, those who finishes 14 days after receiving their first dose of the vaccine and those who recovered from coronavirus.

The pilgrims and worshipers will be allowed to enter into Grand Mosque strictly in compliance with the precautionary and preventive measures to curb the spread of Covid-19.

– Showing the permits and verifying their validity will be through the Tawakkalna app directly from the account of the permit holder in the app. The Ministry calls to get permits only through Eatmarna or Tawakkalna

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The new regulations to continue until the end of the pandemic and till the return of normal public life. The security staff to carry out their duties along all roads, check posts and at the sites and corridors of the Grand Mosque in order to prevent any attempt to violate the regulations issued

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