To support the safe return of international travel. “Saudi Airlines” begins a trial application of the “IATA” electronic traveler document


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Saudi Airlines announced a cooperation agreement with the International Air Transport Association “IATA” to test and test the “IATA electronic traveler document”, in order to support the safe return to international travel, and the aviation sector’s recovery from the consequences of the “Corona” pandemic.

They explained that it will start applying the document through its network of stations in a non-compulsory manner, starting with the experiment scheduled to take place on flights departing from Kuala Lumpur to Jeddah on April 19, where guests will be able to visit specific laboratories in Malaysia to complete the requirements for the PCR examination of the Coronavirus, provided that it is done after That is, to upload the test data to the application, to use it to travel to the Kingdom.

IATA Travel Pass is a smart application for mobile devices that allows travelers to create digital passports, download test data and coronavirus vaccines, and share them securely, in order to ensure that all government health requirements are met at all departure and arrival points.

This initiative greatly contributes to providing a smooth and hassle-free travel experience that guests may encounter during their air travel, especially the quarantine procedures that may be required in the country of arrival.

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The Executive Vice President for Commercial Affairs at Saudi Airlines Khaled Al-Bassam explained that the airlines seek to activate cooperation with “IATA” to take advantage of the innovative digital application that may help facilitate the travel process for all concerned parties, including guests, airlines, laboratories, and authorities. Security at airports.

For his part, IATA Senior Vice President for Airports, Passengers, Shipping and Security, Nicholas Karen, said that the document will be the first step to making regional and international travel as convenient and easy as possible during the pandemic period.

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