Saudi Jawazat Clarifies the Condition Based on Which the Dependent Fee Can be Returned


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Iqama and residency laws for expatriates in Saudi Arabia are clear and must be followed by all. There are also laws regarding employers and employees. It is important to be aware of them. However, a person asked, “If the son’s Iqama is changed to another place (for employment), can the family fee paid in the form of the monthly fee on the companions (family) be refunded?”.

What did Saudi Jawazat reply? What condition is applied for the refund of the money? How much is the fee for the families of expatriates in Saudi Arabia? To know more, keep reading.

Reply by the Saudi Jawazat

The Saudi Jawazat said that after depositing the dependent fee imposed on Saudi expats, in case of issuance of Saudi Iqama, it is not possible to return it. It is possible to withdraw the fee before the issuance or renewal of Saudi Iqama. This means that once the fee is deposited and the required service is received, it is not possible to withdraw the fee.

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Condition for the Refund of the Dependent Fee

If only the fee has been deposited and the Saudi Iqama has not been renewed then the fee can be refunded but it is not possible after the service i.e. renewal of Saudi Iqama has taken place.

How much is the Fee for Saudi Expats?

The fee for the families of Saudi expats was started from July 2017 with 100 riyals per family member per month. However, now it has increased to four (4) hundred riyals per member per month. So, if a person has 4 family members, he will have to pay 1600 riyals monthly for one year, which is a lump sum received at the time of renewal. The Saudi Iqama is not renewed without a fee.

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Can Final Exit be Obtained if the Passport is Expired?

A person has found out from the Saudi Jawazat that his passport is expired, can a final exit visa be obtained in this case?

Reply by the Saudi Jawazat

The Saudi Jawazat said the passport must be valid for more than 60 days to obtain a visa. However, after the passport is renewed, the entry of the new passport must be done in the system of Saudi Jawazat. Some people do not enter the passport after renewing it in the system of Saudi  Jawazat due to which they have to face difficulties.

The Saudi Jawazat cleared the inquires of the citizens regarding the refunding of fees and final visa. To know more about the ongoing issues and different policies, do visit our website.

Source; TheSaudiExpate

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