China leaked the results of the investigations of the source of “Corona” … and reached 3 possible methods


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AChinese official revealed the results of the investigations conducted by his country into the source of the “Corona” virus and the beginnings of its spread, indicating that 4 possible ways in which the virus reached Wuhan were discussed.

Feng Zijian, a member of the Chinese team and deputy director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that the four methods included the arrival of “Corona” to Wuhan through a bat carrying the virus that infected a person.

He noted that the second hypothesis was that it was through a bat that infected a mammal that was a mediator in transmitting infection to humans, or through shipments of cold or frozen foods, or through a laboratory for virus research in Wuhan.

He pointed out that the experts’ vote on these hypotheses concluded that the first 3 methods are the closest to the correct one, while completely excluding the issue of leakage in the laboratory.

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China provided a diplomatic briefing on the results of its ongoing research on the source of the “Corona” virus, in a pre-emptive step for the release of the expected report from the World Health Organization on this matter.

Source : Akhbar24

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