Validity and Fees of Skill Verification Program for Saudi Expats


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have been waiting a lot for obtaining the details of ‘Skill Verification Program/ Professional Verification Program‘, they need to know how the exam setup will work, who will register them (either the company or themselves) for the exams, how the exams will be conducted and what kind of test will be taken and most importantly how much the passing marks will be there to pass the exam.

Keeping in view the above concerns, we have made a brief summary below so that our frequent website visitors and readers find it easy and interesting to understand the whole process and details involved in the  ‘Skill Verification Program‘.

What is Qiwa Service Program?

It is a program specialized in the services of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development implemented by Takamol Business Services Company under the supervision of the Ministry.

What is Takamol Company?

It is Takamol Business Services company, which is specialized in the services of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development and is implementing the Qiwa portal under the supervision of the Ministry. 

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What Will be the Component of Exam for Saudi Expats?

It is the Skill Verification test that the labors performed according to the specified occupations. The test consists of two parts, a theoretical test via the computer and an applied practical test. 

Expected Fees of Skill Verification Program for Saudi Expats

 It is expected but not yet confirmed that the fees of skill verification program for each Saudi expats will be SR. 600/-.

What is Reservation Report/ Admit Card/ Date Sheet?

It is a report issued to the laborer after completing the reservation procedures for the Skill Verification test and paying the test value. It contains details of the test date and the address of the test centerRead more: Municipal Affairs obliges workers in restaurants, food shops, barbershops and beauty salons to receive vaccinations or a weekly check-up

Will Any Certificate be Issued After Passing the Exam?

It is a certificate issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development upon successfully passing the Skill Verification test.

Validity of the Certificate After Passing the Exam?

The validity of the Skill Verification certificate is five (5) years from the date of issue. It is renewed by taking the test again.

Objectives of Skill Verification Program

It aims to verify the professional’s possession of the skills necessary to perform the profession he is working on, by performing a practical and theoretical test in his field of specialization, to ensure that unskilled labor does not flow into the labor market, as the test determines the eligibility of the worker to practice a specific profession in accordance with regulations and controls of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Read more: List of Saudi Expats Profession Subject to the Skill Verification Program

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User terms & Conditions for the Exam

The user acknowledges the service with the following conditions:

  1. If the user has registered for the service, his registration means that he is serious about wanting to benefit from the service provided and a commitment to abide by all legislation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. The user has the right to make requests to amend the test details such as time, date and place, 48 hours before the date of the test, and he has no right to cancel the appointment.
  3. The user must apply all the specifications and controls of the test center used in the Skill Verification Program. In the event that these specifications and controls are rigged, it will result in canceling the center’s license for the program and preventing it from participating in the Skill Verification Program.
  4. The user agrees to Takamol Company to exercise the right to verify and validate the result of the Skill Verification Exam by entering a Saudi issued governmental ID number of the test taker in the eligibility verification page on the Skill Verification Program platform.

Source: Qiwa

Credits :The Saudi Expats

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