Many people suffer from snoring, what are its causes, and how do we get rid of it


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If you suffer from intermittent snoring, this may indicate that you are exhausted and deprived of sleep, or it may be due to the wrong sleeping positions, or sleeping on the back.

Statistics indicate that 57% of men and 40% of women suffer from snoring during sleep, but what are the reasons behind this condition? What is the way to get rid of them ?:

the reasons

The causes of snoring may be due to medical conditions that require a solution, and therefore you should see your doctor, and these cases are sleep apnea, or you have reached a degree of obesity, which causes fat to accumulate in your body, which causes snoring, or an imbalance in the structure of the nose or mouth .

Disposal methods

Doctors suggest that if a person tries more than one sleeping position, and yet the snoring continues; He must take the matter seriously, and follow up with a doctor, and if he suffers from one of the causes that increase the snoring, he must hasten to get rid of it, by following some steps:

If you suffer from obesity, you should lose weight, by starting with eating smaller portions that contain fewer calories, and also make sure to exercise regularly, and a dietitian can be used to facilitate and organize the matter.

Try different sleeping positions, such as sleeping on one side. Sleeping on the back may cause the tongue to move in your mouth to partially close the throat, which may impede the movement of air through the throat.

And try to have the front of your bed on the head side elevated at a higher level than the rest of the bed, as this may help you to relax the airways and may allow air to move more freely through them while keeping them open at all times.

If you suffer from allergies, you may suffer from snoring, then it is best to consult your doctor, to get the appropriate treatment for allergies, which may help get rid of snoring permanently.

Having a deviated septum may adversely affect the processes of entering and exiting the air from the nose, and it is possible for the patient to unconsciously open his mouth during sleep to be able to breathe better, which makes him snore, and here it is necessary to consult a doctor, it may be necessary to undergo surgery to fix Defect.

You have to remember that daily habits during the day affect your sleep, so if you want to stop snoring, avoid taking sedatives before bed, and stop smoking categorically, so that the matter does not get worse.

Finally, pharmacies have nasal pads that are placed on the bone of the nose to help you breathe better, which may reduce or eliminate snoring, and you can also use a nasal expander device that is placed on the edges of the nose to facilitate breathing.

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