How can expats from 20 countries return to KSA via Bahrain?


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Expats from 20 countries including India, Pakistan, Egypt, the UAE have been returning to Saudi Arabia after completing a 14-day quarantine in Bahrain. Here are the guidelines.

Flight Selection
It is advisable to take a flight through Gulf Air as they do not require a PCR test from the passengers coming from many countries including Pakistan.

BeAware Bahrain App
1 – Download BeAware Bahrain App, register your account, and make sure to pay 36 BD (SR 360) per person for 3 PCR tests through the app. Adults and children above 6 will be required to take 3 PCR tests;

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Upon arrival at the Airport.
After completing 5 days.
After completing 10 days.
2 – Make sure to download and print the Health Declaration form before boarding the plane to Bahrain.

Bahrain On-Arrival Visa
Saudi Iqama holders entering Bahrain can get an on-arrival visa at the airport against BD 5 (SR 50) for 14 days.

Keep in mind that dependent family members can only get an on-arrival visa if the family head is accompanying them. In order to get the visa, make sure to carry copies of the following documents;

Saudi Iqama with at least 3 months validity.
Passport with at least 6 months.
Flight Ticket.
Boarding Pass.
Exit Reentry.
Hotel Booking for 14 days.
Flight booking from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia.
Staying in Bahrain
Pakistani, Indians, and others returning to Saudi Arabia via Bahrain will be required to quarantine in their hotel rooms until they get the negative PCR test report.

They would be required to upload selfies to BeAware Bahrain App from time to time.
After the negative PCR result, they are free to roam Bahrain.
They are required to take PCR tests on the 5th and 10th day as well.
Passengers whose PCR test results become positive will be contacted by the Ministry of Health.

Entering Saudi Arabia
After completing the 14-day quarantine period, Pakistani, Indians and other nationals can take a flight from Bahrain or enter Saudi Arabia by road through King Fahd Causeway on the 15th day.

In order to enter Saudi Arabia, you need to present a PCR test report (4th PCR) taken within 72 hours from any of the following hospitals;

Royal Hospital.
American Mission Hospital.
Ibn Nafees Hospital.
Alkindi Hospital.
Middle East Hospital.
Bahrain Specialist Hospital.
Dr. Tariq Hospital.
King Abdulla Medical.
Noor specialist Hospital.
Alsalam Hospital.
Awali hospital.

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For more inquiries contact Mr. Ayyaz (+966 54 280 8435)

Credits: The above process has been shared by Mr. Ayyaz, a Pakistani national with Saudi iqama who entered Saudi Arabia via Bahrain.

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