How to Remove Huroob Status from Iqama?


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Huroob means absconder, which means that the employee has fled from his or her employer. Employees have three alternatives for removing Huroob, one of which is to dismiss Huroob without the assistance of Kafeel.

How to remove Huroob?

Huroob’s removal is without a doubt one of the most challenging tasks in Saudi Arabia. Keep in mind that you can only accomplish it if the three conditions below are met. How to process Saudi Work Visa?

  • Absher will not be able to cancel the abscondment, therefore Kafeel will have to go to Jawazat to have it removed.
  • Even if Kafeel visits Jawazat after 15 days has passed since setting Huroob, it cannot be erased.
  • The expat will have to initiate a labor complaint against the Kafeel after 15 days of the Huroob being set, proving that the Huroob was set with malafide intent.How do you certify your degree in Saudi Arabia?

Remove Huroob without Kafeel

It is an unfair cause for setting Huroob status for your Iqama if Kafeel asks you to do something that is illegal, and when you refuse, he sets Huroob status for your Iqama.

Your Huroob status will be withdrawn without the involvement of Kafeel if you are successful in showing that. You will be offered the option of transferring to another Kafeel or exiting.How to get Saudi Nationality or Citizenship?

The other option is to approach Kafeel and persuade him to remove Huroob status. Kafeel usually asks payment for it.

It is crucial to understand that if 15 days have passed since Kafeel set Huroob, it cannot be canceled, even if Kafeel visits Jawazat. As a result, there is no need to pay him anything.

Agents may claim that if you pay them money, they will cancel your Huroob status. Personally, I do not believe they work, and you may end up losing money.How can I make an international bank transfer with UrPay?

Report to the Detention Center

The third option is to go to the detention center and report to the authorities (Tarheel). They will arrest you, detain you, and deport you back to your native country. However, if you leave the country under Huroob, you would never be able to return to Saudi Arabia on a new visa.How to Transfer Your Iqama Through QIWA 2022 | Complete Procedure to transfer Iqama in New Company in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Final Exit during Huroob

Unfortunately, while the expat is in Huroob status, there is no way to get a final exit. You must do the following in order to leave Saudi Arabia:

If you could not remove your Huroob within 15 days of the day it is applied, you will have to leave the country through deportation. Leaving the country under Huroob also means that you will never be allowed to enter back to Saudi Arabia on a new visa.How To Check Exit Re-Entry Visa Validity in 2022

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