10 new rules for exit reentry visa under labor reforms


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With the implementation of labor reforms and ending the Kafala system in Saudi Arabia, working expats can apply for their own exit reentry visa through Absher starting from March 14, 2021. Here are some rules which you need to know about it.

1 – The expat will pay the exit reentry visa fee. The employee can ask for reimbursement from his employer if it is covered in the employment contract.

2 – The expat will apply for the exit reentry visa through Absher.

3 – The employer will have a period of 10 days to inquire about the exit and reentry visa application and approve or reject it.

4 – If the employer approves the visa, the exit reentry visa will be issued immediately.

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5 – If the employer rejects the visa, the application will be canceled immediately.

6 – If the employer does not respond within 10 days, the worker will be issued an exit reentry visa for 30 days. He will have to travel within 5 days of the issuance of the visa.

7 – The expat worker cannot get an exit reentry visa after the expiry of the employment contract until the contract is renewed by both parties or the worker changes his job in Saudi Arabia.

8 – Once the exit reentry visa is issued, the employer cannot cancel it.

9 – In addition to the above rules, the employer can issue exit reentry visa for its workers in the same way as it used to be before.

10 – If an expat worker does not come back to Saudi Arabia within the validity of the exit reentry visa, he will be permanently banned from entering back to Saudi Arabia for the lifetime.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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