It will come into force after 180 days, and the fee will be determined later .. Approval of organizing the periodic technical examination of vehicles


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On Friday, the Official Gazette published the details of the Cabinet’s decision to approve the new regulation for the periodic technical examination of vehicles, which included 16 articles.

The articles of organization included licensing requirements for the inspection body, provided that the Saudi Organization for Standards, Specifications and Quality grants licenses and takes the necessary measures to link inspection bodies with the National Information Center.

The regulation – which comes into effect after 180 days from the date of its publication – stipulates that the authority proposes the financial compensation that the inspection body receives for conducting the periodic inspection of vehicles, and submits it to the Council of Ministers for approval.

The organization also set a number of penalties for violating inspection bodies, amounting to a fine of 100,000 riyals and closure for 6 months, while assigning employees to monitor and inspect the inspection bodies.

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The system limits the inspection bodies to the detection of technical faults in the vehicle, the locomotive, the trailer and the semi-trailer, and the possible malfunctions that may occur in them, and that the inspection body does not carry out any maintenance or repair activity or the sale or purchase of spare parts.

He also stressed that the periodic technical examination of vehicles is carried out in accordance with the instructions, technical regulations and standard specifications related to the authority, provided that the electronic system used includes the effectiveness and realism in providing services, for all stages of the examination, with the provision of technical linkage service with the authority and the relevant authorities.

The organization requires that the electronic program for technical examination adopt the modern concept of examination, especially the technical and administrative integration of the examination body program within an electronic environment, and that the examination body adhere to modern computer technologies to link all periodic technical examination procedures technically to ensure quality and speed of performance.

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