#BREAKING: #SaudiArabia decided not to extend the precautionary measures starting from Sunday


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An official source at the Ministry of Interior said that it is attached to the statements issued on 21 Jumada al-Thani 1442 AH corresponding to February 3, 2021 AD, and on Rajab 2 1442 AH corresponding to February 14, 2021 AD, and based on what was submitted by the competent health authorities regarding the measures taken by the Kingdom in the face of the emerging Corona virus (Covid 19) And the reassuring indicators it contained regarding the developments in the epidemic curve in the regions of the Kingdom.

It has been decided not to extend the precautionary measures mentioned in the two aforementioned statements related to stopping all entertainment activities and events, closing cinemas and indoor entertainment centers, and independent indoor games venues, or those in restaurants and shopping centers, and the like, gyms and sports centers, and providing internal ordering services in restaurants and cafes. And the like, as of Sunday 23 Rajab 1442 AH corresponding to March 7, 2021 AD, with the exception of the following measures:

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1) The continued suspension of all events and parties; This includes weddings, corporate meetings and the like, in banquet halls and independent wedding halls or affiliated with hotels, as well as in breaks and camps that are used for these purposes, until further notice.

2) The survival of the maximum number of human gatherings in social events at (20) people.

The source stressed the need for everyone to adhere to these measures, including the continued distribution of prayers at funerals in cemeteries at all times of the day, and not to be complacent in the application of precautionary measures, preventive measures and protocols approved for all activities, in order to preserve the public health of society and protect the gains achieved during the last period on all levels.

He stressed that inspection campaigns will be increased during the next stage, to ensure that all individuals and facilities adhere to the precautionary measures, and that fines are imposed on violators, indicating that all precautionary measures are subject to continuous evaluation by the competent authorities, according to the developments of the epidemiological situation.

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