The issuance of high directives to allow female citizens and citizens married to non-Saudis to travel directly through the ports


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In implementation of the high directives regarding procedures for traveling abroad and coming to the Kingdom during the period of suspension of international flights during the new Corona pandemic, the General Directorate of Passports announced the issuance of the Noble Royal Decree approving to enable Saudi women married to non-Saudis to travel with their husbands or join their husbands who are abroad according to presenting proof of marriage For officials at the departure points directly, as well as Saudis married to non-Saudi women if they reside outside the Kingdom due to work or other conditions that do not enable them to come to the Kingdom.

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The Passports stated that in the event that a Saudi citizen cannot provide documents that prove the wife’s presence outside the Kingdom and her inability to come to the Kingdom, he can apply for a travel permit through the “Absher” electronic platform and attach all the required documents, in order to facilitate the procedures for obtaining a travel permit.

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