A Mentally disabled Saudi man memorizes the entire Holy Quran


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Holy Quran is a beautiful explanation of life and life after death. It is a miracle preserved from the day of revelation to the Day of Judgment. People spend their lives in memorizing and reciting the Holy Quran. It is a true blessing and self-courage. Majority of people can’t memorize a few verses of the Holy Quran than what say whole Quran. But read below the story of a blessed disable young man who learnt the whole Quran by heart.
Who is the disabled man?

The disabled man is Mohammad Abdullah Al Qarni, 31 years old Saudi national. He is a disabled person suffering from mental retardation and is admitted to the King Fahad Medical City of Riyadh.
Can he read and write?

Due to the mental retardation, Abdullah couldn’t read and write. In his long spent life, he has never read or written a single word. But it is a miracle and blessing from Allah that he memorized the whole Quran.

What did his brother tell?

Abdullah’s brother told the media that, Abdullah is an orphan who was born with a broken urinary tract and pelvis. He is the only one who takes cares of him. Mohammad Abdullah is under medical assistance and in need of dire help. He believes that his brother is a different person with special abilities, just like the way he learnt the Quran by heart and if used, he can help the society within many matters.

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Source : The Saudi Expat

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