Will we return to the curfew decision after the increase in Corona cases? Consultant answers (video)


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Infectious Diseases Consultant Dr. Samih Ghazal answered a question about whether it is possible to impose a curfew as part of strict measures in light of the increase in cases of the emerging coronavirus (Covid 19) in the Kingdom.

He said he believes – according to what he sees on the horizon and what he knows from what happened last year – that society is able to stop the outbreak as quickly as possible, and that this will be within two to three weeks.

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He explained that he is optimistic, but if no strict measures are taken today, we will not be able to stop the outbreak, and that everyone is now recruiting himself, his capabilities and his relationships to reach full commitment, and that we will not need a curfew.

He added that he expects a steady occurrence in the number of HIV infections, because the increase is followed by a stability and then a decrease, expecting that the state of stability will be next week or the next with infection numbers below the 500, followed by the decrease in the number of infections.

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For the latest updates, news, and events of Saudi Arabia you can join our WhatsApp group or Telegram

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