Wells dug by Jinns for Prophet Sulaiman A.S. discovered in KSA


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Prophet Sulaiman A.S. was given Kingship which no Prophet before or after him was entrusted upon. Allah gave him the authority over Jinns.

It is said that once Prophet Sulaiman left the house of the holy city of Yemen and stopped in a soft village to rest.

The story behind the Wells

When his army felt thirsty, they started searching for water but could not find any. At this moment one of the jinns laughed and said that “I laugh for the thirst of people and they are on the sea.”

This meant that there was water underneath the village and Prophet Sulaiman A.S. ordered the jinns to dig wells in order to obtain water. The Jinns then beat their stick on the ground and dug wells of fresh water.
The wells are situated in Rafha

The very same wells are said to be found in a soft village located south of the city of Rafha in northern Saudi Arabia. The village is 290 km away from Hail. In this village, about 300 wells of fresh water were found.

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Are they really dug by Jinns?

The wells are located in a rocky place where digging so deep is almost impossible for humans.

Moreover, these wells are located in places higher than the rest of the land whereas wells are dug in plain lands, not on highland.

Another interesting fact is that the diameter of some of the wells is less than half a meter which is very narrow. A person cannot go down to such a narrow opening to dig it deeper.

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