Islamic Affairs” directed to shorten the time between the call to prayer and Iqama, and to divert advocacy activities “remotely”


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The Minister of Islamic Affairs, Advocacy and Guidance, Dr.Abd al-Latif Al-Sheikh, directed to stop all advocacy activities and remotely transfer them, and to determine the duration of prayer times and to open mosques and mosques, as part of the state’s efforts to address the Corona pandemic.

The directive included a commitment that the waiting time between the adhaan and the iqama be 10 minutes, except for the Fajr prayer, 20 minutes, and the opening of mosques with the call to prayer and closing them 10 minutes after the prayer.

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It also included opening the mosque for Friday prayer 30 minutes before the call to prayer and closing it 15 minutes after the prayer, and emphasizing that the mosque preachers should not exceed the Friday sermon with the Friday prayer 15 minutes.

Al-Sheikh stressed the need to adhere to what was included in previous circulars, which stipulate that all worshipers bring their rugs, wear a muzzle, and leave the approved distance of one and a half meters between worshipers.

The directive emphasized the intensification of sterilization of mosques and mosques, ablution places, and toilets, and the maintenance of good ventilation for them

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