Al-Rabiah: We have observed an increase in “Corona” injuries … and we warn against a “second wave” and re-impose precautionary measures


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The Minister of Health, Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, warned of lax adherence to the precautionary measures to confront the emerging corona virus, calling for preserving the gains made by the state in preventing its spread.

Al-Rabiah stressed that many countries of the world are living in the second wave of the pandemic, and more than the first, pointing out that the Kingdom is not far from that.

He stressed the need to deal again with the virus with all seriousness and not to be complacent in taking all precautions to ensure confronting and addressing it.

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He explained that during the past days, a noticeable increase and a continuous rise in the number of HIV infection has been observed, and among the most important reasons for this rise are gatherings of all kinds and laxity in implementing preventive measures, and this is a dangerous matter, and it may cause outbreaks again.

He pointed out that commitment and cooperation contribute to supporting the efforts made by all sectors of the state to address this pandemic, while non-compliance will push towards taking precautionary measures to protect society.

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He indicated that failure to comply will make the Kingdom not far from what is happening in other countries of the outbreak of the virus, the collapse of the health system, and the lack of health service.

He sent a message to everyone, saying, “From the heart, I am talking to you and I find it an opportunity to ask everyone to preserve the gains made in the response to the Corona pandemic, and that would not have been achieved except by the grace of God, and then by your commitment, continuous support and generous exertion of wise leadership that made the citizen’s health and safety first and foremost. Thing”.

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Al-Rabiah described this period as very difficult, and it is imperative that everyone deal seriously with the developments of the pandemic and be keen to adhere to health precautions, especially wearing a face mask, social distancing, hand hygiene and not shaking hands.

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