Does the Corona vaccine break the fast? The Mufti of the Kingdom explains


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The Grand Mufti of the Kingdom and Chairman of the Council of Senior Scholars, Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Al-Sheikh, explained the ruling on receiving the new Corona virus vaccine during fasting hours.

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His Eminence emphasized that it is permissible to take the Corona vaccine during fasting, adding that the vaccine is not considered a drink or food, and it is taken intramuscularly, so it is not an invalidator for fasting.

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In mid-December, the Ministry of Health launched a vaccination campaign against Corona disease (Covid 19), free of charge for all citizens and residents.

The Ministry recently announced the rescheduling of receiving the vaccine for those registered to take the first and second doses, due to the delay in supplying by the company producing the vaccine, stressing that it will continue implementing the national campaign for vaccination with the Corona vaccine and expanding the implementation of more vaccine centers to include all regions of the Kingdom.

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