Top 10 Most Popular Car Models in Saudi Arabia


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The automobile market in Saudi Arabia is the largest market in the Gulf region. Every year in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, more than 800,000 new cars are sold, and around the same number of used cars exchange hands within the Kingdom. The most popular automobile models in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are the following;

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Toyota Camry: It has always been the most popular sedan all around the world; it is also the most popular sedan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Toyota Camry has achieved this status around the world by offering impeccable reliability and quality, which allows it to have the best resale value in comparison.

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Honda Accord: The Honda Accord can be classified as the closest competition to the Toyota Camry. It is continuously offering very good quality over the years, which allows for it has a good resale value.

Ford Explorer: The Ford Explorer is perhaps one of the most desirable SUVs in the world as it offers a great unique balance between price and quality. The Ford Explorer has proved its worth in the Gulf region and that is exactly why it is amongst the top 10 car models for sale in the Kingdom.

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Mercedes S Class: The Mercedes S Class model is the epitome of luxury and probably the most popular German car for sale in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, along with it also being the most luxurious car for sale in Saudi Arabia.

Toyota Corolla: The second Toyota on this list, the Corolla is a popular model worldwide. It is also the most popular compact sedan in the Kingdom. It actually comes as a surprise not seeing the Corolla perhaps a bit higher up on this list.

Ford Taurus: The Ford Taurus is one of the biggest sedans which are currently on sale in the Kingdom. The Taurus will most definitely fill in the void which is being created with the slow demise of the Ford Crown Victoria.

Lexus LS: A personal favorite, this Japanese luxury car is still making its presence felt in the Kingdom due to its luxurious and comfortable drive. Hence it is one of the most popular luxury sedans in the world.

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Toyota Land Cruiser: The third Toyota in this list, but definitely not the least, the Toyota Land Cruiser serves as a symbol of the people of the Gulf region. It is also a staple car for anybody who is looking for a solid tank to take on pretty much any terrain around the world.

Hyundai Sonata: The Hyundai Sonata has now led the way for Korean car manufacturers to Explorer new markets. The Hyundai Sonata has become immensely popular amongst the car rental fleets in the Kingdom.

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Toyota Hilux: The last car on this list, and once again a Toyota, the Hilux is known as a workhorse of the desert. This is truly an indestructible machine and deserves a place on this list.

Source: Motory

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