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Services Available to Registered MOI Users

Many of the Saudi Iqama Holders still don’t know that they can check their Iqama/ Muqeem expiry date only from Ministry of Interior website only if the Saudi Iqama Holder has already been registered on MOI. 

There are certain steps that need to be followed which allow each Saudi Iqama holder to get registered in MOI. Once any of us gets registered through the required process in the MOI, we gets unique User ID and Password through which we can avail the following services online:     

The MOI registered user can use the Ministry of Interior website as a registered user for inquiring any details related to the Saudi Iqama or Muqeem validity or expiry date.     Issuing the exit re-entry for his family dependents.    

Issuing the final exit visas for his family dependents.     Checking whether the new or renewed passport number has properly been updated in his MOI account related to him or his family dependents. When you pay any Government fees related to exit re-entry or any other related services, the required amounts appear in the user’s MOI online account. The online user of MOI can also know the details of the traffic violations including the amount of traffic violations and the details of the violation as well (due to over speeding, violating the traffic signal or wrong parking etc).    

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The registration is required for the online appointment of Vaccination for your baby in Saudi Arabia.

Non-Registered MOI Users can Know the Saudi Iqama/ Muqeem Validity Through SMS  Remember, it is Saudi Iqama Holder’s responsibility and need to get registered online for MOI and create its own user ID and Password for further use of services as discussed above. 

However, if anyone has been unable to get registered with the MOI website due to any sufficient reason then he can know the status of its Iqama/ Muqeem validity or expiry date through using the mobile phone services. What he needs to do is just to send an SMS to the required numbers as shown below.

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What message I need to type to get the Saudi Iqama Expiry Date on my Mobile Phone?

It contains a very easy step, anyone who wish to get the required details of his or her Saudi Iqama validity he or she just need to type the following text message on his mobile phone:


Example: 12*987654321*987654321

After this, you have to send an SMS to

STC (Sawa) : 888994

Mobily : 624444

Zain : 709444
Cost of the SMS

Remember that each SMS will cost you SAR.1.5/-

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