Its maximum limit is 5 thousand riyals .. “Al-Adl” determines the fees for notarial work, voids and marriage contracts


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The executive regulations of the authentication system approved by the Minister of Justice, Dr. Walid Al-Samaani yesterday (Saturday), set the fees owed to the notaries and the authorized immigrants.  The ministry explained that the minimum fee for documentary work for agencies, declarations and mortgages is 100 riyals, and the maximum fee is 4,000 riyals.

It indicated that the financial compensation for notarial work for real estate vacancies and marriage contracts ranges between 100 riyals as a minimum. To 5 thousand riyals, the maximum limit.

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The regulation emphasized the importance of the financial compensation according to what was agreed upon by the licensee and the concerned parties, taking into account the minimum and highest limits mentioned in the schedule, stressing that the licensee records the amount of the fee for the documentary process according to the form prepared for that.  The Ministry stated that the regulation of the documentation system aims to raise the efficiency of forensic documentation, strengthen real estate security, enhance preventive justice, and raise the level of professionalism for documentation, explaining that documentary services in notaries of justice are free of charge.

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It is noteworthy that the system includes many specializations, such as documenting contracts and affidavits, dividing joint funds, emptying real estate deeds, documenting marriage if one of the parties is non-Saudi and the other Saudi, divorce, and so on.

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