Six cases in which Employee’s Salary can be deducted without his Approval – Ministry of HR


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The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia clarified that an employee’s salary should not be deducted except after his written approval, However, there is exception of 6 cases.

The Ministry of Human Resources added, in its booklet on labor education about the most important rights and duties in the Saudi Labor Law, that deductions can be made from an employee’s salary without his written consent in the following cases: 

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1. Refund of the employer’s loans, provided that the deduction should not exceed 15%.

2. Social security contributions and any contributions due by law. 

3. The worker’s contributions to the provident fund and the loans owed by the employee.

4. Installments for any project undertaken by the employer to build housing with the intention of owning it for workers or any other benefits. 

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5. Fines on the worker due to the violations he committed, as well as the amount deducted for what he destroyed

6. Collecting a debt to enforce any court ruling, provided that the monthly deduction is not more than a quarter of the worker’s salary, unless the ruling includes otherwise, and the alimony debt is collected first, then the debt of food, clothing and housing before other debts.

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