A feeling that led her to the truth a citizen who found her daughter 20 years after she was informed of her death


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Saudi woman found her daughter, whom she lost 20 years ago, after her feelings led her to know her while she was attending her wedding.       The details indicate that the mother was married to a Gulf man in Riyadh in 1399 AH, before she conceived from him and gave birth to a child during his travels to his country, where he entrusted the task of taking care of his wife to an old woman who lived next door.   

The mother was surprised after she gave birth to the newborn and left her in the hospital due to the need for treatment.       The woman’s husband returned from abroad and traveled together to his Gulf country to reside there, before they had other children .     During her attendance at a wedding near her in Riyadh 20 years after the incident, the wife had a strange feeling towards the bride, to ask about that girl and it became clear to her that she was a bastard girl and an old woman raised her until she grew up.     

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According to “precedence,” the mother confronted the old woman about the matter, but she denied and claimed that the girl who raised her had taken her from a foster home, but the mother did not believe this story and filed a lawsuit for proof of lineage.        Mother failed to provide evidence to the court honestly sense , to control the court the fall of her claim after a review of the nursing home that got old on the child of them, and the hospital was born  by the child where he confirmed his administration that the fire broke out in which that period, along with the “DNA er” out as a result of the beginning Negative.        

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After the ruling was overturned, the mother sought help from the “people of the gyroscope” who have experience in lineage cases, because she doubted the result of the “DNA” because of the possibility of an error in it, or an error in taking or preserving the sample, or any other human intervention. Attribution of the girl to her family, so that the old woman confesses the matter and that she deceived the mother because of her obsession with raising children.    The girl’s mother announced an amnesty for the old woman and waived the case against her, after the latter indicated that she worked on educating the girl, caring for and memorizing the Holy Qur’an in full, until she marries her to a righteous man.  

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