The Saudis are abandoning WhatsApp … Warnings continue to apply and these alternatives are available


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For the latest updates, you can join our WhatsApp group.

The new terms and updates of the WhatsApp application, owned by “Facebook”, caused a state of anxiety due to its violation of users’ privacy, prompting a large number of them to delete it and search for other alternatives.  In response to the ongoing state of anxiety for days, the hashtag (# Saudis_forest_watsab) issued social networking sites, in which a warning was mentioned about the application’s new privacy policy, and a list of alternative applications was also published, whose publishers confirmed that they respect the privacy of the user, on top of which is Signal and Telegram.

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It is noteworthy that the new updates to the “WhatsApp” application allow the sharing of user data with the “Facebook” company, in addition to allocating a space to interact with ads, as the company justified this as necessary to help it integrate better with other “Facebook” products.  The updates were met with anger among technology experts, privacy advocates, businessmen and government organizations, and sparked a wave of exit for competing services, as users accused the application of violating their privacy, and some of them complained of activating the new terms of use without seeing their details.

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Technology experts confirmed that the WhatsApp platform has greatly weakened users’ privacy, and the app has lost its appeal as a safe-to-use platform, and pushed many users to turn to alternative applications.

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