Saudi Traffic Department Clarifies to Show Original Saudi Driving License Instead Digital One


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A driver’s license is an official document, which requires one or more forms of motorized vehicles, such as motorcycles, automobiles, or buses, to be driven on public roads. Usually traffic police demand a Saudi driving license to drivers. In that case, drivers must have to show the original Saudi driving license card instead of the digital one. Read the full news below to know all the information regarding the display of driving license and its renewal.

Display of Original Saudi Driving License Card  The Saudi Traffic Department (Moroor) has said,      If field officials request a Saudi driving license from a citizen or Saudi expat, a Saudi driving license card should be shown instead of a digital one.  Query by Local Citizen about Saudi Driving License                             According to the local newspaper, a citizen had inquired whether it would be enough to show a digital link or present a regular Saudi driving license card if the field officials asked for a driving license. 

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Answer by Saudi Traffic Department (Moroor)  The Traffic Department (Moroor) clarified in reply that, If the Saudi traffic police ask for the driving license or vehicle registration card (Istimara), then the citizen and the Saudi expat will be required to present a regular Saudi driving license card or vehicle registration card (Istimara). 

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It will not be Enough to Show the Link in the Tawaklana App!  The traffic department (Moroor) says,      It will not be enough to show the link in the Tawaklana app to traffic police.  Requirements of Saudi Driving License Renewal  The traffic department (Moroor) added that, Renewal of Saudi driving license would require,      Payment of fees     Payment of fines for violations and     Medical examination. 

Renewal of Saudi Driving License through Absher!  It should be noted that the Saudi driving license can be renewed through Absher.

Source : The Saudi Expat

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