Al-Adl: The work of the new documentation system starts tomorrow … and these are its most prominent features


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For the latest updates, you can join our WhatsApp group.

Tomorrow (Thursday), formal work will start with the new documentation system, which was approved by the Council of Ministers to regulate documentary work in the Kingdom, in order to ensure the accuracy of performance, raise work efficiency and the quality of outputs.  The Minister of Justice, Dr. Walid Al-Samaani, stated that the documentation system will enhance real estate security, increase the efficiency of forensic documentation and the reliability of documents, and will include the conditions that must be met by notaries, define their terms of reference and monitor their outputs.

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Al-Samaani added that the system will support “preventive justice”, which will contribute to reducing disputes and the flow of lawsuits, raising the efficiency of contracts and declarations, and enhancing the speed of reinstating the right through the judiciary of execution without the need to file a lawsuit before the case.  It is noteworthy that the authentication system included many specializations for notaries, including some new specializations that were transferred from the courts to the notaries, such as documenting contracts and declarations, dividing joint funds – including real estate – if there was no dispute, emptying completed real estate deeds, in addition to documenting marriage If one of the parties is a non-Saudi, divorce and documentation of the parties’ agreement on custody, alimony, visitation and reconciliation.

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